Friday, May 13, 2011

He’s Dead. Been Dead In Fact.

So maybe I’m a bit more prone to creating and believing conspiracy theories than I’d like to admit, but this time I’m on the other side of the fence. I think we got Osama Bin Laden, just not in the manner described.

The way I see it, there’s no way that we could have lied about this. Osama Bin Laden is dead, and was killed by American troops. This much I believe. Think about it this way: If we hadn’t have gotten him, wouldn’t he have sent a tape to anyone and everyone calling us dirty liars? This close to elections, I really don’t think President Obama would want to take that risk. Yes, the photos haven’t been released. As much as I don’t like a lot of what Obama has done in his term so far, I honestly believe this was a wise choice, and al-Qaeda is trying to goad the pictures out of us to incite violence. As for the body, think about it: What country would really want him on their soil? If nothing else, that would be an international relations debacle. I don’t know if there really would be pilgrimages to his grave site, but the body would definitely be stolen and possibly fought over, so the burial at sea would defiantly be a desirable option. We got him, he’s dead, end of story.

Now, on the other hand, I’m not entirely sure he was killed when and where it was described. I have two reasons to believe this. One was the timing, and the other is history. This close to elections, Obama needs a boost. Yes, he got points for slamming Trump (and if the Republicans nominate him I’m changing my voter’s card), but that only goes so far. His popularity is still down, and as elections draw closer, they will continue to go down as people consider other candidates. The announcement of bin Laden’s death came at a time when it could be used to strengthen the President’s campaign for re-election without coming too soon or too late. It’s a weak theory, yes, and that’s why I mostly think the second idea is the more plausible one.

Ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin? It helped the U.S. start the war with Vietnam. No one was sure of an attack, but they used the possibility of one to start the war. I think something similar happened here. After all those years in Afghanistan, it’s hard to believe that we never found anything over there. Obama promised to bring the troops home, but never did. This tells me that he either lied (possible), or there’s more going on over there then we know (more likely). If we found and killed bin Laden over there, that would be mission accomplished and the troops could come home and we could celebrate a victory for America and democracy. However, if we wanted to keep the troops over there, finding bin Laden was actually set-back. By setting up a fake stronghold in Pakistan and saying we got bin Laden there, we would have sufficient reason to invade that country next, either because they are “harboring terrorists,” or because they got made that we violated their sovereignty and they retaliate against us. Now we can keep our troops over there for whatever reason, and the war has a new, refocused purpose again. And because we got one major player, The People will be more willing to stay there for just a bit longer.

So, if what I say is true (which would be scary), how did it all go down? My idea:

We found and killed bin Laden in Afghanistan. This seemed like a victory, until the higher ups realized this meant the war no longer had any justification whatsoever (as opposed to the weak one they were working off of). The plan was then hatched to use a stronghold of a warlord in Pakistan to use as the set up. The place would already be a good fortress and have a decent back story. A bribe here, a bit of misinformation there, and the place was in American hands. The day of the alleged operation, the copters and troops fly in, put some holes in the wall, and plant the evidence. To anyone outside the stronghold, it would look like they stormed in, killed bin Laden, and left, just as described. The man who live tweeted the entire thing was just a stroke of good luck.

After this, it unfolded perfectly. The President made his speech, the world celebrated, Obama’s poll scores went up, a reason was made to keep the troops over there, and the world was one terrorist lighter. It works out well, don’t you think?

What do you think? Am I right? Or completely wrong? I am honestly very interested to know what you think! Leave a comment or contact me to share your thoughts!

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