Friday, April 29, 2011

Quit Messing With The National Anthem

At every sporting event and every gathering, it happens. We sing the National Anthem. It's beautiful, patriotic, and shows respect to the people who have served out country. So why does it seem like every singer takes it upon themselves to mess it up by "making it their own?"

Funny. I made that same face when I heard her sing.

I want you to think back. Think back really far. When was the last time you heard a really good performance of the National Anthem? My bet is either it's been a very long while, or at you're kid's elementary school choir concert. Singer's just don't seem to get it. They want to stand out, want to make it their own, want to be different. Why? What's the point of all this?

I understand that artists want to be different and stand out. That's what makes someone big and successful. By that same token, that's typically why they're chosen to sing the anthem. However, once they make it their own, how many people actually appreciate it? Maybe the hardcore fans and their family, but everyone else is mad at the super high notes, or extending of syllables, or overall distortion of what we all expect to hear. Sure, artists should have artistic freedom, but at the expense of ticking off hundreds, if not thousands, of people? Art is complex, but the people who listen (or even look at) it should be taken into account too.

I'm not all bitchy and gripy here though. I have the perfect plan: Choruses and choirs. One person can sing great, or they can suck. Get a bunch of people together, and no matter how bad they are, they sound great. Choruses and choirs are like that, but better (duh). They may even cost less than the celebrities singing at baseball and football games (I don't pay for these things, so I wouldn't know for sure). Plus, by getting a group to sing, you are making many people's day, and promoting their organization, helping them get money where otherwise they wouldn't, allowing them to continue singing as beautifully as they do (By comparison, I doubt many other popular performing artists are hurting for cash so bad they they'll be hurt by not singing to a stadium for five minutes.)

So give up on the high dollar divas that tick off a nation by forgetting the lyrics or singing out of tune. Bring in the wonderful so we can all enjoy a song that bonds this nation together. AND QUIT MESSING WITH THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!

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Anonymous said...

you are right on all counts

Teresauras said...

I feel this way about "Amazing Grace." &"Memory" is the Amazing Grace of musical theater. It makes people think they're great. the Anthem,'s almost like it's a trend to get someone to mess it up to make them stand out.

So I wanted to say that and...
In choir we sang it for a Caridnal's game once. And I have a choir show tomorrow night, Vaughn william's Dona Nobis Pacem.

that is all. :)