Friday, February 11, 2011

The Next Big Reality Show (Now With 100% More Subtext!)

Jersey Shore. Big Brother. The Real World. Teen Mom. All these shows are fairly popular and successful. But I have the idea for the next big reality show.

Now there's a real Jersey Devil

Loving Evil
Trust me. This will be a big hit.

The Premise:
Get a bunch of people from different religious ideologies, put them in constant closed quarters for about a month or so, and have them compete for different insignificant rewards.

The Competitors:
The competitors will be separated into two teams: "Good" and "Evil." The "Good" team will be
-A Baptist (all other Christian sects are a bit too tolerant)
-A Jew
-A Muslim
-A Hindu

The "Evil" team will be:
-A Satanist
-A Wiccan
-An Atheist
-A Neo-Pagan

How the Game Will Work
The game will kind of be set up like a social experiment. The competitors will enter the house without knowing anything about the competitors, the basis of the game, or even the title of the show. They will meet and greet each other, and slowly discover their differences. Of course, there will be some idiots who don't get the differences, so the attractive female host will come in and separate them into teams based on what "religious" people find acceptable and not acceptable. Every week (in broadcasting time), the teams will compete for special house privileges or small prizes, like cooking ware, or stuff sponsors want to give away to promote their products. But here's the unique part: No one will be voted out of the house. All the contestants will remain there and be forced to coexist the entire time they are there. Midway through the game, the challenges will shift from team based to partner based, will one member of the "Good" team match up with one person of the "Evil" team, until at least every person on every team has had to work with everyone on the other team at least once. The game ends after the set time period is up (a month or so).

Why It Will Be A Huge Hit
It should be obvious: The controversy. When word gets out about the premise of the show, Fox News and all the wacko outlets will practically advertise for whatever company runs it. Then, once the show starts, the fights and drama caused by the different sects (both inter- and intra-team) will draw views by the droves.

The Unique Aspect of It All
The competitors will have to change how they think and act. This is kind of a social experiment after all. Do they play out their stereotype? Or should they play to win? Should the "Goods" be tolerant, intolerant, try to convert the "Evils," or be passive about it all? Should the "Evils" take on their role and lie, cheat, back stab, and sabotage, or should they show that being an atheist or a Wiccan makes them no different from anyone else?

The Overall Social Experiment
Like I kind of touched on before, there are a lot of social experiments going on here. Tolerance for others, stereotypes, roles and expectations, competition with others, and cohabitation with different people and groups. All these things will be tested and observed under the ruse of a game show/reality show.

Wrapping It All Up
So, in a nut shell, my idea is a reality show with a social experiment worked into it. Get two groups of people with different religious ideas, make them live together, compete, and work together, and see what happens. Some prizes will be given out along the way, a lot of promotion will be done by wackos and advertisers, and rating should soar through the roof.

Think I'm a genius? Or a moron? Want to put in your two cents? Good or bad, let me know what you think by commenting or contacting me! 


Teresauras said...

I'm not so sure this kind of controversy is needed. If we have a show, we want entertainment, which means the people would be manipulated to make friction. Believe, me we have enough of that. Not so sure I like what it can create.

It shouldn't air unless they come to an understanding that isn't forced.

But it is a lovely idea!!

10swords said...

@Teresauras: The drama, if there was any (there would totally be some), wouldn't have to be forced. If anything, producers would have to tone it down a bit. And think of it like The Colony: We put people in bad situations to see how they act and react. The only difference is that instead of random catalysts, the catalyst is constantly present, just waiting to erupt. And the "heartwarming" moments would be the realization that people are just people, no matter what they believe. The hated characters wouldn't be able to love others as people should, and the loved characters would be the ones that could put aside their differences and work together with their partners. There wouldn't need to be any forced understandings. :)

Warlaw said...

I would...I would watch this show. At the very least a few clips on youtube. I think it would be successful. However, the network execs would be hesitate to put on a Muslim out of fear of violence from the Islamic community.

displayed said...

haha. cant say im much of a reality television buff, but i could picture this happening. idk why but i only find humor in cartoons. i need to grow up. lol.

xazbaschboss said...

Or you know, no more reality tv at all. Just saying. ATHEISTS FTW.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should use an independent baptist. Those are some intolerant people...

Tasty said...

LOL sounds like an instant lawsuit to me. xD