Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Possible Conspiracy in Arizona

Look, I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this Arizona shooting incident is just getting a little too weird

Basic conspiracy: The Arizona shooting was planned out (not by the government. Too messy) to advance the political career of Gabrielle Giffords. 

It fits. Just look at the people and the situation.

Jared Lee Loughner was obviously nuts. He had a history of it and his college professors were even scared of him. He gets a gun from Wal-Mart. He isn't in the system or is over-looked at least, and makes a clean, legal purchase. He then continues to be crazy, making all those weird posts. He was not stopped or even reported. Someone had to know something was up. He was going to do something crazy eventually. A perfect pawn.

Giffords was portrayed as a perfect politician, well liked, has an astronaut for a husband, and a promising career. A huge plubicity event, and she could move on up quite quickly.

The day of the shooting, Loughner makes the shots and runs off. A judge got killed, and just to criminalize him even more, he also shot a 9 year old girl who just happens to be born on September 11, 2001. That seems a little bit too perfect for me. Giffords then survives a bullet shot to the head, with few bone fragments damaging her brain. It was a clean shot. Yes, it could have been a lucky shot, but really, a shot that does not cross hemispheres, is clean enough to not leave many bone fragments, and is not overly debilitating? Quite lucky indeed. 

Loughner is caught quickly and easily. He gives a mug shot that makes him look insane and slightly evil. A note is found in his safe alluding to the crime. Giffords gets great publicity and is making a great recovery.

So, to summarize so far, we have a promising politician who is well liked, young, attractive, has a model American family, and has a lot of political potential. We also have a guy who is nuts, acts as such, and is easily demonizable by the media. 

In court, he's happy, smiling, laughing to himself, and noticeably, not looking as bad as he did for his mug shot that is plastered all over the news. 

Meanwhile, he gets a lawyer who is a public defender, but also has handled all the other high profile scumbag murders in the past several years. She's a recluse, leaving Loughner in the spotlight. And his court case will be held closer to the scene of the crime, and he may not be pursuing a psych defense. There's no doubt that he's going down. 

And I'm not sure if you've noticed, but not a single news article about him (as far as I have seen, at least) doesn't mention Giffords and her miraculous recovery, and how well she's doing, and how she's progressing faster and better than anticipated. The two of them are constantly talked about together.

So who's to benefit from this? Obviously Giffords. Loughner is the perfect patsy. Everything was pinned on him too perfectly. He goes down, and she gets bumped up. She may even be recovering fast enough to run for president in 2012. It's about that time, and the way I see it, unless the Republicans get a total loser to be on the ballet, Obama isn't getting re-elected. He came in with high public approval, made some major changes, ticked a lot of people off, and if the Democrats want to keep it up, they need a new, fresh figure head. A woman who has an all American family, survived an attack from a horrible person, and made a great and timely recovery just in time for the primaries would do nicely. Now, where to get one of those...

I'm not sure who pulled off this whole game. I doubt it's the government or the Democrats or Republicans as a whole. This is too clean and too perfect. I would more believe a small group of people planned this. I would also be apt to believe Giffords was completely out of the loop on this one. Who would agree to be shot in the head and use that to her political advantage? Not many people. This was set up by some people around her who are now pulling the strings. She's practically a hero now, and they will help her move forward by manipulating her like a puppet, all while she's unsuspecting. 

Maybe I'm wrong. I know for sure that the incident was a tragedy, and should have never happened. But like I said, it's too perfect and too clean. 

Think I'm wrong? Think I'm right? Think I don't know all the details and you want to add your own? Let me know about it! Comment below or contact me. I want to know what you think!

*EDIT 1* I said something wrong in the beginning of the article. Loughner bought the Sportsman's Warehouse, and bought the ammo from Wal-Mart. I apologize for the misinformation. 


Anonymous said...

I stopped reading when you said "He gets a gun from Walmart". This, in and of it self, shows to me that you do not fact-check what you say. How am I to assume that everything else you say is accurate?

10swords said...

To the Anon: Ok, you're right. He got the bullets at Wal-Mart, and the Gun at a sports warehouse. My apologies for the misinformation. As for the accuracy of the rest of it: It's just a theory. It could just be all bull crap, but I'm putting forward an idea that I see as plausible

Anonymous said...

the first anonymous poster is a faggot for posting that.

Ray said...
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Ray said...

The fact that you think that the gunman shot her there on purpose tells me that you have no idea how guns work. No marksman is so accurate and no civilian so well-informed that he could take out a specific area of the brain with an ordinary handgun.

Additionally, how could you ever come to believe that a days long coma followed by near paralysis qualifies as any sort of political advancement? Giffords' body is useless, right now.

You're really grasping at straws, right now.

Anonymous said...

Do Amerifags realise how ridiculous it is that someone can just *buy a gun* in a fucking sporting store?

You all think it's super sweet because back in the day when PEOPLE NEEDED GUNS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES/THE COUNTRY a law was made saying that it was ok.

That law should have been taken away decades ago. You fuckwits think that "cars kill people, if we can't have guns then cars should be outlawed too" is a legitimate argument.

Why the actual fuck do you think your society is so messed up?

Anonymous said...

Hurrr derr

Anonymous said...

herp a derp

Anonymous said...

how is the argument about cars NOT relevant to guns?

they're both tools that are dangerous but which are deemed necessary.

are you telling me you'd honestly rather be unarmed vs. armed if you were the victim of say, a robber with a knife?

tell me that, and i'll call you a fucking liar.

Anonymous said...

a wacko went and bought a gun and shot and killed random people. pretty good argument that guns and gun regulations are terrible in America. as far as conspiracy, i doubt it. but hey, you never know.

Anonymous said...

He could have killed people with power tools. He could have made bombs from completely legal ingredients. Let's just make EVERYTHING ILLEGAL.

Or wait a second, we could just point out the obvious fact that your argument is utterly invalid.

Anonymous said...

The day a man can walk into a crowd and kill 6 people and injure 18 others with a power tool before someone can tackle him will be the day I accept your dumbass argument.

Anonymous said...

He could have killed far more than that with a bomb, made from completely legal ingredients.

Where was that shit you were talking again?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and making a bomb is ILLEGAL, even if you don't detonate it. Ingredients and finished products are different, just like stamped steel and molded lead are NOT the same as a gun with bullets.

Please, try and keep up ;)

American said...

To be honest, the crime rate is highest in US communities where it's the most difficult to get guns. Does that correlate well to the idea that more guns = more crime?

Besides, if you make them illegal, then only the criminals will have them (tell me why that's a good idea?). It's not like the government has the ability to press a button that makes all guns in the country just disappear into thin air.

Anonymous said...

Everybody shut up about guns, and let's instead talk about this theory.

OP, it's possible to come with a conspiracy theory about anything. Every event happens a particular way, and in any event, that way COULD have been engineered. Technically.

But say I wanted to set up a victim of a shooting to become president. Is this the way I would do it?

First of all, I would never use a shot to the head. Why is that necessary? She wouldn't even have to be shot to gain publicity, but if you really want the sympathy you can have her get shot in the leg.

A head shot is extremely risky. I don't know if you're aware of the brain's primary function, but it's there to run the body, and putting bullets in it almost always messes that up. There is no safe way to shoot someone in the head. Bullets are not like needles, they're more like freight trains. They tear and mash up everything around them. This woman is extremely lucky to have survived. But that's all it can be, luck.

Secondly, I would not have used this guy. Even if I could make myself understood to him, which is unlikely seeing he lives in a complete fantasy world, I wouldn't be able to trust him to do the job right. Besides, why not use this opportunity to gain some sympathy for the ol' party as well? Surely they would have made him look like a right winger, instead of a total nut. Put a great big Southern flag in his bedroom, select portions of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence scrawled on the walls, and give him a t-shirt saying MISS ME YET for the shooting. That should do the trick. The YouTube videos would have been in a similar vein, rather than a dozen variations of "Fish have wings. Jared has wings. Therefore, Jared is a fish."

Is it possible? Sure. Anything is possible, but this seems like a bit of stretch, even more than most conspiracy theories. An important rule of thumb in situations where you can't be certain of any answer is Occam's Razor: go with the simplest solution. In this case, the simplest solution is that this guy was simply crazy, and nobody did anything about it until it was too late.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting that this politician WANTED to get shot in the head for PUCLICITY? Really? I don't think anyone is that stupid. She could have died. THAT would have done a whole lot for her career...

10swords said...

Have any of you people seriously more than glanced over the article? I said Giffords was left out of the loop! She never saw it coming! Before you totally dismiss me, at least get your arguments straight

teampl4yer said...

being from AZ, hearing about this was nuts. Drove past Pima Community recently, that was his school, scary shiiizzz