Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Roomie Rant on Twitter

Ok, so this was yet another old rant on Twitter, this time about a horrible roommate I had my freshman year of college. He sucked, was annoying, unclean, and was a bad pothead/binge drinker. This was what happened that night:

 Boy twitter, do i have a helluva story for u

Ok, so there i was, sittin watchin star trek tng, cuz thats what i do. Im that much of a nerd. And i hear cussin in the livin room

It turned out roomie (formally drunky, now stony) locked his keys in his room. With 2 rolled joints on his desk in front of the door.

Yes. 2 rolled joints. High end weed. On his desk. For the RA to see the moment they opened the door.

So we all freak out. Its in his room, but its a drug charge the ass hole would lie to take us down with him. Hes said so.

So first him and his stoner crew get a BUTTER KNIFE to unlock his door. A BUTTER KNIFE!!! IT WOULDNT FIT THE FREAKIN HOLE!

So then they want to cut my screen in my room, walk a 2 inch ledge, cut his screen, and then unlock the door. O hellz no!

So i shot down that plan REAL quick. So they try to break down his door. I dont wanna get involved so i take out the trash

When i get back, they broke down the door and there was a huge crack down the inside where it touches the frame. The door almost shattered

Now keep in mind, stony said this semester he was clean and wasnt doin that no more and it was 2 days after he puked all over himself

So he says "i know i shouldnt be doin this. This is a sign" and then leaves to smoke the joints.

So him and his buddies DRIVE AROUND smokin WEED in a truck with CLOSED WINDOWS! THATS NOT SAFE!!!!!

So i took a walk to talk to the parents to find a good course of action. When i get back, so are they and theyre stoned and has the munchies

So, i have a stoned roomie, several of his stoned friends, and im goin to walmart to try the new pepsi. Fun freakin nite... The end for now

UPDATE FOR BLOGGER: So things kinda worked out. Near the end of the year he and his friends of that very night got busted for driving around stoned. He had enough money so no charges were filed (the good old boy system is still alive and well here in the South), but the university still kicked him out. He is no longer friends with them, has no job, is still smoking weed, and is banging a high school sophmore (He should be a college sophmore by comparison). Funny how karma works out, isn't it?

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