Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My iPad Rant on Twitter

This is another old post I made on Facebook the day the iPad was announced. I still hold some of the same opinions about it. Though less relevant now, it shows how opinionated I can be (in case you want to follow this blog).

Instead of clogging up the status feed with updates like normal, I decided to make a note so friends will quit bitchin. Enjoy :)

@sidshuman Im not seeing anything special with the #iPad. Nothing but a kindle, i phone, and maybe a mini computer kinda

Im not seeing anything special with the #iPad. Nothing but a kindle, i phone, and maybe a mini computer kinda. Maybe a game boy in there...

Think bout it: iPhone: changed phones a bit. iPod touch: iPhone w/ no service. iPad: a fancy Kindle and a Game Boy with a few extra features

AND @sidshuman was right. All the hype for an underwhelming product... A real waste if u ask me...

I think Apple is just tryin to sell useless crap at this point....

Maybe its doin the right thing by condensing a lot of things, but really, how much useless stuff do u need? Just come out w/ ANOTHER iPhone

Watch. Early adopter are gonna get screwed again big time. I predict 2 new iPads after the initial launch within the following 18 months

iTampon is trending... How appropriate. Cuz the way i see it, the iPad is gonna be a bloody mess by the end of the month

BrentSpiner Didn't Captain Picard used to play with a pad like that in his ready room? STAR TREK STRIKES AGAIN!!!

TravisMoses RT @ChrisMorell: long-term cost breakdown of #iPad vs #iPhone:http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/27/ipad-vs-iphone-what-does-3g-cost-you/

Ok, this article has shown me the first real use for the iPad http://bit.ly/9v4fOu (via @TravisMoses) So gaming and browsing?

Heres the thing tho... The iPad is big (length and width wise) that i dont see it bein real popular as a gaming or browsing device

Maybe the iPad would be better than the Kindle in the reading area because of the size, but a netbook almost seems like a better option...

Remember the Apple Air of w/e they called it? Big hype, but it died early. I think theyre just doin a face lift

Lookin at some rough pics, the iPad seems almmost too clunky. Not very portable it seems

The more i think about it, Apple had the right idea to role some of the best features into one product, but it turned out lackluster

And on the advertising, the editors and reporters are right. Too much hype

Has Apple come out with so many great products that it cant meet expectations anymore? Or is its marketing machine too effective?

Im not a big Apple fan, but i have to admit, their products (excepts macs) are good. I guess u hafta have one or two failures...

Basically, i think the iPad is gonna be a passing novelty and another iPenis. Makes u seem better, but u just wasted money and wont admit it

Btw, if the iPad is successful, I will be one of the first to admit i was wrong. But i doubt i am.

ADDITION FOR BLOGGER: Yes. I was wrong. It was successful. I have no idea why it is, but it is. I was wrong and concede that point. 

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